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Cadre Training Base

A Brief Introduction to Cadre Training Base at Southwest Jiaotong University


Sichuan Provincial Cadre Training College Base at Southwest Jiaotong University was jointly set up by The Organization Department of CPC (The Communist Party of China) Sichuan Province Committee and Sichuan Provincial Department of Education. Since granted in January, 2010, it has always been devoting into providing high-quality and menu-type training modules and courses for Party and government organizations and also public institutions inside and outside the province. It has developed into a well-sound training system combining experts lecturing, topics discussion, field research, quality development, centralized communication and so on which has undertaken dozens of cadre training classes for different-level officials and civil servants including bureau-level and section-level cadres, cultivating more than hundreds of trainees. Our Cadre Training Base wins great recognition and high appraise from superior leaders, sending institutions and participants by means of rich and various training forms and outstanding training effects.

On the strength of the key working emphasis of governments at all levels during different periods of time, the Cadre Training Base strictly caters for the need of cadre training so as to achieve the goal of improving the administrative ability and professional performance of the cadres. So far we have designed professional training modules as follows:  construction on effectiveness of local government, Development of Regional Economy, comprehensive transportation hub and Logistics, overall urban-rural development and Urban-rural planning Management, City Management and Public Service, Improvement and innovation of administrative ability, Traffic Engineering Construction and Management, Public Engineering Construction and Evaluation, Educational Economy and Management, Public security and public crisis management, Innovative thinking and innovative methods, Management the Non-Profit Organization and so on. What is more, notable specialists and scholars could be invited to measure for the demands and characters of sending institutions, which aims at customizing tailor-made, high-practicability, scientific, comprehensive and brand-new training menu.

We are convinced that we would leave you a rewarding training experience by virtue of our well-acknowledged training which characterized by “Five Major Advantages and Three Prominent Features”.

       Look forward to cooperating with you in cadre training and creating brilliant future hand in hand!


Training Modules (updating)

Characteristic modules :

List leading position in the cadre training fields depending on preponderant disciplines, excellent professors and brand-influential settings

Transportation and Logistics

Regional Economy and Development

Transportation Hub and Port-Neighboring Economy

Traffic Engineering Construction and Management

City Planning and Management

Government Management Innovation

Coordination of  Urban-Rural Development and Public Service

Public Administration and Service-Oriented Government Construction

Research on Open Regional Center and International City Construction

Country Industry Development

Classic Modules:

Good reputation and well-experienced in organizing modules as follows

Current Issues in Politics and Hot issues

Tourism Planning and Development

Leadership Improvement and Discipline

Improvement on Administrative Level and Cultivating on Administrative Ability

Institutional Culture and Legal System Construction

Psychological Adjustment and Health

Technical Innovation and Cultural Development

Emergency Management and Crisis Handling

Modern Service Industry Development

Colleges Management and Innovation

Newly-Added Modules:

Brand-new modules are designed on the basis of hot issues and latest need of cadre training

Understanding and Studying “the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China”

Financial System Reform and Financial Supportive Methods Innovation

Recognition and Application of Network Culture

Social Work and Community Construction


Management on Ethnic and Religion

Social Transformation and Improvement of People’s Wellbeing

Strategy and Practice on Investment Promotion

Management on Real-Estate Brokerage

New Rural Construction

Low-Carbon and Sustainable Development

Confucian Wisdom and Cadres’ Cultivation

Eastern World and Teamwork

Custom-Built Modules:

Only a call or an email needed, our custom-built modules would be available


Teaching Staff

The teaching staff belonging to our training center not only includes teachers worked at SWJTU such as CAS and CAE academicians, national notable professors, National-level Outstanding Experts with Outstanding Contribution, Yangtze River Scholar, and recipients of the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars. Besides, we can also invite experts from Duke University, Yale University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, CAS and CAE and so on to provide the most comprehensive, professional and advanced education and training.



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