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MPA Center

A Brief Introduction to MPA at Southwest Jiaotong University


The MPA at Southwest Jiaotong University was set up in May 2007 by the approval of the Sate Council. It filled a space in professional degree education at Southwest Jiaotong University. Since granted in May, 2007, MPA center has been valued highly by our school, and the School of Public Administration was appointed to take charge of the recruitment and education of MPA. The postgraduate education of MPA professional degree aims at cultivate high-level, compound and practical talents who can satisfy the needs of the socialist modernization for government department and non-government department.

Rely on the disciplines resource and teachers in Southwest Jiaotong University, MPA center organized 26 professors and associate professors participating in MPA education work. With the support of powerful disciplines, teachers, laboratory and research base, the MPA at Southwest Jiaotong University shows these characteristics that the combination of public administration and regional development, the combination of education and practice, the combination of academic exploration and policy research, the combination of soft science and hard science.


Cultivation Conditions

The working staff that has three years working experience at least, and graduated from Education Level University.


Cultivation Mode

Award MPA master’s degree by Southwest Jiaotong University’s Academic Degree Evaluation Committee when passed all regulated course and Master Dissertation Defense.

MPA institutes the credit system; the length of schooling is 2.5 years, no more than 4 years.


Contact Us:

TEL028-87601952, 028-87601790, 028-87600173



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