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Research Postgraduate Programs

Master of Management in Public Administration

The discipline of public administration obtained a sub-discipline master awarding right in Administrative Management in 2000, and became the Provincial Key Awarded Discipline in 2005. In 2006, it obtained two sub-discipline master awarding right in Educational Economy and Method, and obtained the discipline master awarding right in Public Administration in 2010. The training objectives of the program are: adhering to the public spirit and sense of social responsibility, through the comprehensive teaching of management, economics, political science, sociology and social management practice, so as to make students have solid basic theory, professional knowledge and operational skills, and have the thinking and ability to solve public decision-making, public organization, public service management and various social problems, letting them become senior professionals in public management research, public organization management, public decision analysis, social problem governance and civil society construction. At the same time, it trains qualified reserve talents for doctoral education in public administration. At present, this discipline has four research directions, including administrative management, urban management and social governance, aging cause and industry, and transportation public policy.

There are 38 supervisors, of whom 29 are doctors and six are masters, 13 are professors, 18 are associate professors and seven are lecturers. 82% of them have senior professional qualifications and 45% are under the age of 45. There is a group of excellent teachers, including experts with Special Allowance by the State Council, excellent young teachers credited by the Ministry of Education, and Famous Teachers of Sichuan Province. This program has undertaken 12 national fund projects, 20 humanities and social science fund projects of the Ministry of Education, and 52 other provincial and ministerial level projects. Dozens of articles have been published inJournal of Public Management,Chinese Public Administrationand other journals in public administration.

The master students of this major are well received by government agencies, large state-owned enterprises and other employers. We welcome the young people who are interested in this discipline to further study and realize their dream of life.

Master of Laws

The construction of the discipline awarding right in law of the University started with the establishment of the research orientation in socialist law-based governance under the discipline of Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education in 2001. In 2004, the awarding right in Legal Theory, and in 2007, the awarding right in Economic Law were approved. In 2010, discipline master awarding right in Law was approved and sub-discipline research orientations are set up (including legal theory, procedural law, economic law and international law). More than 70% of full-time teachers have obtained doctoral degrees. The legal theory orientation pays attention to the research and application of comparative law and legal methodology to serve local legislation. The procedural law orientation pays attention to judicial reform and implements the training mechanism of “project participation” for postgraduate students to participate in case handling and research. The economic law orientation attaches importance to giving full play to the advantages of traffic engineering and other disciplines of the University, and strives to building intellectual property law, engineering law and industry supervision law. The international law orientation responds to the Belt & Road Initiative, and trains compound foreign-related legal talents.

This program actively integrates into and serves the construction of national and local law-based governance, and presents a benign development trend of emphasizing academic, emphasizing practice and encouraging innovation in legal research, social service and talent cultivating.

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