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Political and Administrative Science

This major covers the fields of political theory, political system, public policy, public administration and international politics and such, providing more reasonable, more effective and more scientific theoretical guidance for the whole system and structure from the perspective of national construction, at the same time paying attention to the specific administrative operation practice and how to realize effective operation and management under the corresponding system and structure.

This major not only learns the basic theory and knowledge of modern country, but also learns the general laws of governance and administration. It is not only the science of governing the country, but also the skill of managing the world. This major aims to cultivate compound talents with the common development of theory and practice. Students of this major have many opportunities to participate in international exchange and social practice, and, after graduation, mainly engage in organization, personnel, discipline inspection, supervision, publicity, foreign affairs and administrative work in Party committees, People’s Congresses, CPPCC, government departments, enterprises, public cause units and financial institutions, as well as administrative work in public security bureaus, procuratorates and courts. In addition, the broad professional foundation is also suitable for further study or career in social science research and teaching.

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