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Center of Western Transportation Strategy and Regional

Center of Western Transportation Strategy and Regional

Western Development Strategy and Regional Transportation Research Center is scientific research institutions that was established with the approval of Sichuan Provincial Association of Social Sciences, Sichuan Provincial Department of Education in 2011. Making full use of the leading advantage of traffic discipline of Southwest Jiaotong University Center in China, the center has transportation and regional economic and social development combined, and is committed to the theory and application research of transport and regional development, interdisciplinary development, penetration of arts and science, social services. Also, the center is committed to become a distinctive advantageous research base for decision-making, advisory service base and talent training base in the field of Philosophy and Social Sciences, in Sichuan Province.

I Main works

(1) Subject to play traffic advantages, promote interdisciplinary integration, conduct theoretical and applied research of transport and regional development, and establish academic research base of  transport and regional development;

(2) Focusing on the needs of local economic and social development, do theoretical and applicable research to provide policy advice to local economic construction and development, and to develope the center to be a decision-making advisory service base for economic and social development;

(3) Carrying out professional training, establish center to train talents to work for local economic and social development ;

(4) Publish research topics, and build a platform for academic research in the field of transport and regional development;

(5) Gather and train a group of young academic talents, organize academic conferences, and offer academic exchange platform to improve traffic and regional development research;

II  Research Direction

Based on the two points of center transportation and regional economics, the center dedicates to the theoretical and applied research of transport and regional development and carries out research works in the following six areas:

(1) Transportation and regional economy: Do research on the relationship between transportation and national economic development and regional economic activity;

(2) Different transport modes and regional development: Basing on technical and economic characteristics of the various modes of transport, study the relationship between different modes of transport and regional development, including railways and regional development, road transport and regional development, air transport and regional development, waterway transport and regional development, pipeline transport and regional development;

(3) Transportation and regional layout: Study the relationship between traffic layout and regional spatial pattern of economic and social development, including traffic patterns and regional spatial layout, traffic layout and regional urban layout, traffic layout and regional industrial layout, traffic distribution and regional demographical distribution ;

(4) Transportation hub and hub economy: Study the effects caused by major transportation hub for the regional economic activities and the economic hub that thus formed, including the economic theory of hub, airport economy, port economy and temporary stations economy;

(5) Transport channel and channel Economy: Study the impact caused by traffic lines for regional economic activities and the channel economy that thus formed, including the economic theory of passage, transport passage and economic corridor, transportation corridors and industrial corridors, transportation corridors and urban corridor;

(6) Cities agglomerations and urban agglomerations transportation system: Study the relationship between transportation systems and rurban agglomerations, including the transportation system that supports urban economic circle, transportation system that supports multicenter city agglomerations, transportation system that supports economic zone;

III Research Results

In the recent past three years, the center researchers successfully completed national, provincial, prefectural and local level projects 86 and 27 local planning related to economic and social development. The center got six provincial and ministerial awards, and had 58 academic papers, and 12 monographs published.

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