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Campus Services

Contact information of school departments:

Students’ affairs office (the sixth floor of No.1 dinning hall)

     The educational administration department for Postgraduate Tel:87600353

     The educational administration department for undergraduate Tel:66366353

Office of teaching affairs (the second floor of No.1 teaching building)

     Teaching department Tel: 66366263 or 66366244 (the discipline competition and the application of scientific research project)

     Studies section Tel: 66366262 or 66366252 (degree, major, report card, the application and management of student status)

     Course arrangement department Tel:66367209 (course adjustment and the application of credit)

Teaching material service department Tel: 66366254 (subscription and printing of teaching material)

Enrollment and vocation office (the third floor of No.4 dining hall)

     Employment administration office Tel:66369838 or 66366388

     Enrollment administration office Tel: 66367386 or 66366386

Finance department (the third floor of No.1 teaching building)

     Tuition management Tel: 86466030

Security office (the first floor of No.1 teaching building)

     Office Tel: 66366392 (Xipu campus); 87600392(Jiuli campus)

     The household registration administration department

     Tel: 66366654 (Xipu campus)   87600654 (Jiuli campus)

Library Office Tel: 66366532 Xipu campus); 87600532(Jiuli campus)

Contact information in daily life :

Service hotline66361616

Complaint hotline: 87600459

School bus and driving school of SWJTU: 66366914 66366913 Xipu) 87600472 87600479(Jiuli)

Alarm reporting in school: 87600110(Jiuli) 66369110(Xipu)

Network center: 66366560 66366561 (Xipu) 87600223 87600978 (Jiuli)

Service for campus card: 66367493, 66366975, 66366984(Xipu) 87600493 87600982(Jiuli)


24-hour property management service: 66361189

Repairing service: 66363850 13890353850

Service center of Tianyou students’ dormitory in North District: 66361998

Service center of Hongzhe students’ dormitory: 66364211

Service center of teaching building: 66366490

Emergency treatment of school infirmary: 66366120

School infirmary: 66366480


24-hour property management service: 87634123

Repairing service: 87602814

Service center of teaching area: 86466471

Service center of Yang Hua building: 87634323

Service center of Juancheng students’ dormitory: 86466508

Emergency treatment of school infirmary: 87600120

School infirmary: 87600480

Contact information about school of public administration:

Daily management of students: Room X2403, Tel: 66363897

Teaching management of students: Room X2405, Tel: 66367487


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