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Dai Bin

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Bin Dai


Department of Economics

Professional ranks and titles

Assistant Dean,  Professor

Research field

Regional Economics and Municipality Administration


Master of Economics

E-mail address



Education Background

09/1985-07/1987  MA Economics,Sichuan University

09/1978-07/1982  BA Philosophy,Southwest Jiaotong University



Social Part-Time

1. Academic and Technical Leaders of Sichuan Province,

2. Guest professor of Southwest University for Nationalities,

3. Guest professor of Chengdu University of Technology,

4. Vice President of The Regional Economic Research Association in Sichuan Province,

5. Vice President of The World Economics Association in Sichuan Province,

6. Member of Sichuan Provincial Government Decision-Making Consultation Committee

7. Counselor of The People's Government of Chengdu


Employment History

1987-Date   Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor, Southwest Jiaotong University

1982-1985    Assistant,Southwest Jiaotong University


Scientific Achievements

1. Representative Paper and Monograph

[1]DaiB.(2006.05) ‘Chengdu: Reality and Future’ Southwest Jiaotong University Press [M]

[2]Liu, X.Y DaiB.(2003.07) ‘Research About Development of Small Towns And Land Resources Allocation in Sichuan Province’ China The Three Gorges Press [M]

[3]DaiB.(2001.01) ‘The Necessity And The Problem For Developing Regional Intercity Express Train’ Journal of Southwest University For Nationalities [J]

[4]DaiB.(2008.04) ‘Some Thinking Out of the Hinterland Development Dilemma in Sichuan Province’ Investigation And Decision [J]

[5]DaiB.(2009.01) ‘Rretrospect And Thinking of Regional Development Strategy in sichuan Province Since The Reform And Opening’ Economic System Reform [J]

[6]DaiB.(2011.12) ‘The Connotations And Construction of New Rural And Urban Form’ Finance Economics [J]


2. Research Projects As a Leader of Projects

[1] “Sichuan Urban System Research Based on Fractal Theory”- Supported by The National Development And Reform Commission2008

[2] “Research about Chengdu-chongqing economic zone continental characteristics and development path”- Supported by The National Development And Reform Commission2009

[3] “Selection and Evaluation of Characteristic Industry in Sichuan Province”- Supported by Philosophy & Social Science Tenth Five-year Planning Project in Sichuan Province2005

[4] “Series of Major Issues Study on The Western Comprehensive transportation hub Construction” - Supported by Sichuan Province Federation of Social Science (2009)

[5] “11th Five-Year Plan of Sichuan Province Urbanization Development” - Supported by The National Development and Reform Commission of Sichuan Province (2006)

[6] “Research about Improving the Quality of Urbanization Development in Sichuan Province” - Supported by Sichuan Province (2014)

[7] “Study for Location and Effect of Chengdu in the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Silk Road Economic Belt” - Supported by The National Development And Reform Commission of Chengdu (2014)


Teaching situation

Regional Economics, regional planning, Regional Economics Research Frontier Problem, Transport and Regional Development, etc

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