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YANG Yifan

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YANG Yifan


Dept. of Public Administration




Social security, risk management


Doctor Postgraduate/Doctor of Economics



Education Background

2007.9-2010.12 Southwestern University of Finance and Economics-German Institute of Max Planck Institute for International Social Security, joint doctorate, social insurance and economic security, Doctor of Economics.

2008.9-2009.8 funded by the CSC, joint doctoral training at the German Max-Planck Institute (German Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Social Security Research Institute); in the course thereof: Short-term visits and academic exchanges to the International Social Policy Research Center of the University of Bielefeld, the Institute of Social Security of the University of Cologne, Labor Law and Social Security Law Institute of the University of Münster.

2005.9-2007.6 Master Postgraduate in Social Security at Renmin University of China, Master of Management.

2001.9-2005.6 Undergraduate in social security at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Bachelor of Management.

Social Part-time Work


1. 2012.8–present, member of the Young Scholars Alliance of China Social Security 30-person Forum (a total of 20 people nationwide)

2. May 2013–present, Council member, Neighborhood Community Service Center in Chengdu High-tech Zone.

3. 2013.9–present, Council member, Sichuan Resident Consumption Research Association, Chengdu

4. 2014.2–present, National Natural Science Fund Department of Management Science, communication review expert


1. 2012.9–present, member of the Council, European network for research on supplementary pensions (ENRSP), Germany

2. 2012.12–present, member of the editorial board, “지역발전연구는(Regional Research and Development)”,The Journal of Regional Studies and Development(ISSN: 1738-3846), South Korea

3. 2012.12–present, visited researcher, distinguished professor, Yonsei University College of Government and Business, Institute of Poverty Alleviation and International Development (IPAID), South Korea

4. 2013.1–present, member, Asian Public Administration Association (AAPA)

5. 2013.2–present, member, International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) Multinational Research Group “Global Poverty Reduction Strategy”

6. 2014.2–present, visited researcher, visiting scholar, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), International Youth Leadership Center (YLP), Japan

7. 2014.2–present,Asian Review of Public Administration, anonymous reviewer

Work Experience

Graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University School of Public Administration in December 2010. At the same time, was promoted to Associate Professor and Master Supervisor as an imported talent of Southwest Jiaotong University.

Scientific Research Achievements

(1) Representative works

[1] Crowd characteristics and institutional participation: a survey of migrant workers’ participation in urban medical insurance.Social Security Research(CSSCI), 2013.5

[2] Welfare regimes and pension system reform agendas in ageing Asia: with a comparative typological perspective (in English), Public Administration and Development (SSCI), forth coming, 2014

[3] An analysis on risk factor of social pension fund, Proceedings of WIT Transactions on information and communication technologies, (EI), 2013.10

[4] Population change, demographic dividend and raising the retirement age in China (in English), Old-age crisis and pension reform: where do we stand?, 2013, Publishing House of Poznan University of Technology, Poland, P.189- 214

[5] The exploration of Chinese deliberate democracy and local governance: experience from the village’s council in Chengdu city, The 8th international conference on public administration, 2013, Hyderabad, India

[6] Basic land security and livelihood: a study of compensation and social security policy for land-expropriated peasants in China (in English), Public Administration and Development (SSCI), 2012.10-12. Volume 32, Issue 4-5, pages 385–401

[6]Policy Issues and Enlightenments on Transfer Effectiveness of Cash Transfer Program in the South (in English), Journal of Poverty Alleviation and International Development, 2012.6 (3): 73-96

[7] Towards Justice and Balance: A Study on Land Acquisition Compensation and Social Security Issues for Landless Farmers. Justice and Governance Review. 2012.4: 180-193

[8] Migrant Workers’ Choice of Participating in Public Health Insurance: Implications from a Practical Survey at Chengdu City, Journal of Poverty Alleviation and International Development, 2011.12

[9] “Re-approaching Universal Welfare: Reflections and Prospects of the New Rural Pension Policy in Aging China”, Journal of Poverty Alleviation and International Development, 2011.7

[10] Cash transfer plan in international social security policy-a comparative study based on policy innovation in Latin America and Africa.Comparative Economic & Social SystemsCSSCI core journals. 2010(5)

[11] Review and analysis of the German social insurance system.Insurance StudiesPeking University Chinese Core Journal. 2010(7)

[12] Rural financial predicament and informal financial system reconstruction. Peking University Chinese core journalChongqing Social Sciences. 2010(9)

[13] Improving the long-term consumption capacity of the public through the innovation of social security system-Review of the research based on cash transfer plans in developing countries. Peking University Chinese Core/CSSCI Extended EditionConsumer Economy. 2010(3)

[14] Towards “Equal emphasis on resilience and security” in the predicament-EU employment and social security policy adjustment reform and experience inspiration.China Social Security. 2010(5)

[15] Adhere to the path of diversification: thinking about pension fund investment after the financial crisis. China Legal Publishing House. 2010(5)

[16] “Compensation, Resettlement and Implementation of Social Security for Rural China’s Land-Expropriated Peasants”, “Zeitschrift für ausländisches und nternationals Arbeits- und Sozialrecht”

[17] Institutional Innovation of Rural Pension Security and Rural Population Development in China.Northwest Population. 2009(6)

[18] How to effectively expand the coverage of medical insurance-Lessons and Enlightenment from Latin American Countries (Mesa-Lago)” (co-translation).Journal of Guizhou University for Nationalities (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition). 2009(10)

[19] Thinking and Prospect of China’s Rural Social Pension Insurance System.Finance & Economics. 2009(9)

[20] The reflection and enlightenment of pension fund investment in the financial crisis.Shanghai Insurance. 2009(6)

[21] The dilemma, reflection and prospect of China’s rural social endowment insurance system: a study based on the perspective of urban and rural development.Population and economy. 2009(1)

[22] How to insure against “catastrophe”? .Modern Talent. 2009(8)

[23] Distinction between land acquisition compensation and social insurance for landless farmers.Finance & Economics. 2008(6)

[24] Compensation and resettlement practices and experiences of landless farmers.Gansu Agriculture. 2008(6)

[25] A comparative analysis of the medical and health systems of the four countries.Hospital Directors’ Forum. 2008(1)

[26] Research on social security of landless farmers——Based on the survey and analysis of Chongqing and Chengdu.Rural Economy. 2007(5)

[27] Talking about the understanding of the current agricultural special fund benefits.Soft Science. 2006(12)

[28] Survey of rural social problems——Taking Jianghan countryside as an example.Technology and Market. 2006(9)

[29] Re-recognize the nature of social insurance funds.Insurance Research. 2004(9)

(2) Scientific research projects

[1] Monitoring and early warning model and application research of pension insurance income and expenditure risk, Sichuan Soft Science Project, 2013.10-2014.11, 2014ZR0137, presider

[2] Urbanization, labor market changes and pension insurance system optimization, 2013 National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Fund Project, 2014.1-2016.12, 71303195, presider

[3] The sustainable development of the liquor industry and the environmental and social responsibilities of liquor enterprises, 2013 Sichuan Philosophy and Social Science Research General Project, 2013.8-2014.8, presider

[4] Research on the discovery, guidance and cultivation of network opinion leaders in the construction of university campus culture, 2013 Southwest Jiaotong University Cultural Construction Research Fund Project, 2013.8-2014.8, presider

[5] Risk analysis of pension fund operation and research on risk control of social security card business, key tasks of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Human Resources and Social Security Department, Autonomous Region Social Insurance Administration Bureau, 2013.12-2014.12, presider

[6] Research on the law and guidance mechanism of public opinion spread of major emergencies in universities, 2012, Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project, 2012.6-2014.6, main researcher

[7] Research on the New Law of Public Opinion Dissemination and the Adaptability of the Processing Mechanism of Universities in the “Micro Age”, Key Project of Ideological and Political Education Research, Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, 2012, 2012.6-2014.6, main researcher

[8] Research on the development of home care services in Chengdu based on demand forecasting, 2012 General Project of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research in Chengdu, 2012.8-2013.8, presider

[9] Optimization of the old-age insurance system based on the OLG-CGE model: theoretical analysis and policy simulation, 2011 Youth Fund Project of the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Research General Project, 11YJC630256, 2012-2014.12, presider

[10] Xinjiang Pension Insurance Risk Analysis and Early Warning Research, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Human Resources and Social Security Department, Autonomous Region Social Insurance Administration Bureau, a key topic, 2011.4-2012.4, presider

[11] Establishment of an institutional framework covering urban and rural residents’ social security system and research on implementation difficulties, 2007 National Social Science Fund Major Projects, 07&ZD047, Participator

[12] Research on Population Aging and Sustainable Development of Pension Security System, 2010 National Key Committee on Aging, Participator

[13] Human right, land property and social security, the key research project of Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, 2009), (Prof. Lutz Leisering, Network of Global Social Policy, Bielefeld University, Germany)

[14] Research on the goal positioning, system optimization and long-term mechanism of the urban-rural integrated old-age security system, 2008 National Social Science Fund Youth Project, 08CJY065, participator

[15] Commercialization reform of China’s social security system, commissioned by China Insurance Group (Hong Kong) in 2008, participating in research

[16] The empirical project of urban and rural social security in Chongqing and Chengdu, coordinated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in 2007, participator

[17] Research on the management model and risk control mechanism of the individual account fund of China’s social pension insurance, 2007 General Project of Humanities and Social Sciences Research, Ministry of Education

[18] Dialysis of social insurance policies and answering questions, Sichuan Philosophy and Social Science Popularization Plan 2007 Project, participator

[19] Pension fund governance mechanism and risk control system analysis, 2006 National Natural Science Foundation of China funded project, participator

Teaching Overview

Postgraduate: Risk management theory and practice, social security fund management

Undergraduate: Public Economics (Public Finance), Public Administration Theory and Case Analysis

He has directed 2 national university students innovative experimental plans, 1 second prize of Sichuan Challenge Cup contest, and multiple SRTP plans, and won the honor of outstanding instructor for two consecutive years

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